Treasure Keys

Keys For Christian Sons And Daughters




Activity Sheets

The Ten Commandments animated feature film website has a movie trailer, and numorous resources for churches and parents; "The Ten Commandments Children's Workbook"

Baby Moses (Ex.2)
Fill in the blanks and
an easy crossword.

Wordsearch-The Burning Bush

Unscramble the words-The Plagues on Egypt

Fill in the blanks-Crossing the Red Sea

Match the meaning-The Ten Commandments

Maze-Help Moses As A Baby

God Saved Moses Take Home Sheet

Maze-Help Moses find the 10 Commandments

Maze-Help the people cross the Red Sea

Print & Color the Ten Commandments


Baby Moses Toddler Crafts
Miriam watching and Baby Moses craft to print and make.

Baby Moses Paper Craft
Print the templates craft.

Weave a Basket Paper Craft

Moses in the Bulrushes
Use a baby food jar to make
baby Moses in the bulrushes.




Color Pages

Baby Moses Ex.2:10b

Moses hears God (Ex. 3)

Moses Bible Coloring Pages
with or without quotes from the Bible.

Gathering Manna



Young Learners

Itty Bitty Moses Song

Grade School
Sunday School Source
Baby Moses
Lesson - Exodus 2
Moses Leaves Egypt
Moses and the Burning Bush

The Life Of Moses (6 lessons)
Lessons and activities.

More Crafts

Beaded Tiara
Become a Princess

Craft Stick Frog
One of the plagues.

Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea
Create a 3-D picture of Moses parting the Red Sea.

Moses and the Ten Commandments Paper Craft

Parchment Commandments
Creat your own parchment
and write the 10 commandmenst on it.



Moses Quiz
Match the sentences.

10 Commandments
Catch the stars and place the 10 Commandments in order.


Pesach paper-dolls
Print and color.

Find The Chametz (easy) Circle the leavened food.

Torah Tots-Passover Coloring Pages-The Story-Games

Passover (Pesach) for Children
Coloring pages, crafts, and more.

Wordsearch-Find the Passover Words

Passover Stories and Crafts

Passover-Family Activities

Virtual Seder Plate
Explanations and history